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Recent stuff:

my usual Friday weekend preview

my previews of The Reaping and Are We There Yet?

my previews of Meet the Robinsons and Blades of Glory

• my two-part interview with Jamie Bamber of Battlestar Galactica: Part I and Part II (and there’s a snippet of video over at Geek Philosophy

my take on the season finale of BSG

• sign of the Apocalypse: I write about American Idol

And there’s always more every day from me at, most of which does not also appear here. So, you know, if you like my stuff, you should be reading too. They tell me there are working on way to find posting by author, so hopefully that’s coming soon.

Here at, I still haven’t gotten back to my 10-year retrospective, but I hope to do that soon. One thing I will do this week is finish up posting my explanations of why my top 10 films of 2006 were my top 10 films. I got hung up on that because I was hoping to get around to posting my review of The Queen, but it looks like that won’t happen till the film comes out on DVD later in April. And I’ve gotta clear out 2006 stuff so I can finally move on.

The work never ends around here…

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