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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

I love my new widescreen HDTV

I spent a bit of time over the holiday weekend fiddling around with my new widescreen HDTV — it’s this one, if you’re really interested — and now I’m officially in high-def heaven.

See, I’ve got supergenerous readers. David C. sent me a box of cables good for hooking up HD goodies, and my friend Gail, of A Million Things That Bug Me, actually gave me, free for nuthin’, an upconverting Sony DVD player. (Gail’s a step or two beyond me in the tech-toys upgrading game, so she’s got stuff sitting around waiting to be hand-me-downed, just like I’ve now got stuff I’ll be hand-me-downing to another friend.)

So big, big thank-yous to David and Gail.
Ooo, and I bought me an HDMI cable.

And last night I watched some of Children of Men in upconverted 1080p, and it was a glorious thing. *sigh*

I expect to ascend to higher levels of HD heaven when I finally trade in my regular ol’ DVR/cable box for the high-def version — I’m holding off doing that while I plow through all those Monday-night Enterprises I TiVoed, as well as some of the other stuff that’s still sitting on the hard drive. I decided to hang on to the non-HD box for a while yet because the non-HD image on the new TV isn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. The image is pretty fuzzy if I sit up close to the TV, but back across the room, where I sit at the laptop, it’s pretty decent.

Oh, and I also stopped into the funky Apple Store on Fifth Avenue and picked up some little doodads that will let me connect the iBook to the TV — more HD heaven — so I can watch all those episodes of Torchwood and the second season of David Tennant’s Doctor Who I’ve downloaded without having to burn DVDs.

Oops! Did I say “downloaded”? No, no, I didn’t. I wouldn’t do such a thing…

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