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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

inside jokes in ‘Shrek the Third’ and ’28 Weeks Later’?

Is this, from Shrek the Third:

an animated nod to the Star Trek rocks… you know, where Kirk fought the Gorn?:

(They’re actually called the Vasquez Rocks. Who knew?)

And is there anything to the line early in 28 Weeks Later, about the kid who shows up at the house where Robert Carlyle is holed up… the kid from “Sandford”? Now, of course, there is a real Sandford in England, but the fake Sandford of Hot Fuzz is so much more fun. It would have taken some behind-the-scene collusion between the Hot Fuzz guys and the 28 Weeks Later guys to slip that reference into Weeks, but who’s to say that guys who make geeky movies in the U.K. don’t all talk to one another?

I do think, however, that the synchronicity of 28 Weeks Later and Grindhouse’s Planet Terror both coming up with a novel new way to mow down zombies — using a helicopter — probably is a coincidence. You know, great demented minds thinking alike, and all that…

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