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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

boys on ‘Knocked Up’ and women who don’t like it

And so it begins. Reader Tim so eloquently responds to my review of Knocked Up thusly:

Wow. After reading that review I only had one thought.

“This chick needs to get laid ASAP.”

It’s a comedy, stop treating it like it’s life & death.

Another friend of mine thought “I hate women like her, because she is ‘edgy,’ ‘hip’ and probably buys sweaters for her cats. Also, she’ll probably die alone and her pets will eat her face.”

For someone who proclaims themselves as a “geek” you don’t seem to know much. I mean, you gave a “see it” to the worst piece of garbage produced all year, Spider-man 3! It’s like shoving a piece of dog shit in someone’s face and saying “I don’t like how this smells, but you should smell it too.” At least you liked Pirates 3, that redeems you. Oh, and I dare to say that Alfonso Cuaron’s Harry Potter 3 rivals but not bests Indy 3.

And here I thought my Friday night was going to be boring. You should thank Rotten Tomatoes for linking to your site.

At least his friend concedes that I am edgy and hip. And of course my cats don’t have sweaters. Who needs a sweater when you’ve got your own fur coat? Moron.

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