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just a little more about Moore (and ‘Time’ magazine)

Time magazine was also at yesterday’s press conference… or was it? All the quotes in this piece up today on Time.com are from the very same press conference I attended. Granted, celebs tend to say pretty much the same things at many of these PR events, but these quotes are precisely the same.

But then there’s this:

Moore was… sporting his trademark hat, jeans and sport coat.

Except he wasn’t. He was wearing a suit, and no hat. (The photo of Moore on that Time.com page is not from yesterday’s conference.) Why would anyone lie about something like that? Maybe Time sent a freelancer to cover the event and then had a staffer write it up, or maybe the writer of this piece was supposed to attend but blew it off, and then just borrowed a transcript of the conference from another journo. But whatever the case, why lie about something so inconsequential and so easily verifiable? It’s bizarre.

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