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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

my week at the movies: ‘Evan Almighty,’ Michael Moore, ‘Ratatouille,’ ‘Time,’ ‘Rescue Dawn,’ ‘Talk to Me,’ ‘Broken English,’ ‘Die Hard’ (I hope)

I’m off in a few minutes to see Evan Almighty. Help me, Jeebus! [opens June 22]

Tomorrow will be much more interesting. In the afternoon I’ll attend a press conference with Michael Moore about his new film, Sicko. I saw the movie on Friday, and it has instantly leapt to the top of my best-of list for 2007: it is the rare film that is actually important, and cannot be dismissed as “mere” anything. (I’ll have a full review shortly.) And I expect Moore to have all sorts of fascinating things to say about it. I’ll report on the press conference ASAP. [film opens June 29]

And then in the evening I’ll see Ratatouille, which I’ve been officially psyched for for quite a while. A reader emailed me yesterday to beg me to tell him that I had attended one of the public sneak previews this weekend, because he couldn’t wait several weeks to hear what I think of the film. Well, I was busy partying with friends on Saturday night — and not busy at the movies — but keep an eye on the “recent screenings and hot movies” listing in the righthand column for the first news of my reaction. [opens June 29]

Later in the week comes Time, from Kim Ki-Duk, whose Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… And Spring I adore. This one’s about the modern obsession with youth and a certain limited understanding of “beauty,” and I expect to be blown away by it. [opens in limited release July 13]

I know I’m weird for being a girl who loves war movies, but there we are. Rescue Dawn is a Vietnam-era suspense flick about a notorious real-life escape from a Laotian POW camp. It stars the delicious Christian Bale and the adorable Steve Zahn, and it’s directed by Werner Herzog, who makes the most intriguing movies. What’s not to like? [opens in limited release July 4; expands over the summer]

Talk to Me is from director Kasi Lemmons, who made The Caveman’s Valentine and Eve’s Bayou, and it stars Don Cheadle as the real-life 1960s deejay/community activist who probably celebrated the human spirit, or something. Still, Don Cheadle… *sigh* [opens in limited release July 27; expands wide August 3]

I’ve got a DVD screener sitting here of Broken English, a comedy starring Parker Posey as a romantically confused New Yorker. Sounds depressingly realistic, and like it will probably hit too close to home. Just what I need. [opens in limited release June 22]

And I’m still waiting to hear if there is gonna be a screening of Live Free or Die Hard. It opens June 27 — Fox is cutting it awfully close. The movie can’t really suck that much, can it? I’ll be so sad if it does…

And maybe this week I will get a chance — but probably not — to see Eagle Vs. Shark, Golden Door, La Vie en Rose, or Once, all of which are now playing here in NYC. Ideally, I’d slot one or more in between my other screenings, but, as usual, there’s a ton of non-movie stuff howling at me to get it done. Why o why aren’t there 36 hours in a day?

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