my week at the movies: ‘Ocean’s 13,’ ‘Nancy Drew,’ ‘Introducing the Dwights,’ ‘Surf’s Up,’ ‘You Kill Me,’ more

seeing red…

I don’t need anything from Ocean’s 13 except two hours of George Clooney in a tux, some snarky and snappy dialogue, and clever thieving. Here’s hoping I get it. I see the film tonight, and I can’t wait. [opens June 8]

More hopes: Can Nancy Drew be as cute as it looks? Nancy Drew was the coolest girl ever when I was about eight or nine, so there’s that making me more optimistic than I should be. But the trailer also has a kind of Brady Bunch Movie vibe. I’ll probably be disappointed, but I’ll be very sad if I am. [opens June 15]

That same day, Thursday, I’ll also see Introducing the Dwights, which played at Sundance this year under the title Clubland. I don’t know much about this one except that it’s Australian, it’s a comedy, and it stars Brenda Blethyn, who’s too cool for words. [opens July 4]
I was supposed to see 1408 last week, but that screening was cancelled because of “technical difficulties.” I’ll try again tomorrow. [opens June 22] Depending on how much other (nonmovie) crap I have to get done tomorrow, I may also finally check out Once, which I had planned on seeing the same day I saw 1408 last week. [now playing in limited release; expands again June 8]

…and more red.

Yesterday I checked out Surf’s Up, which I’d been hoping would be either sort of a movie-length version of the hilarious penguins from Madagascar, or a sweet story about weirdo penguins who don’t like the cold (à la one of my favorite books from childhood, The Penguin That Hated the Cold). It’s neither. *sigh* [opens June 8] But I was already sated by You Kill Me, John Dahl’s new black comedy about a hit man (Ben Kingsley) whose alcoholism is impacting his job, so he goes to AA. Fun and bittersweet stuff, and it has a great cast, including also Téa Leoni, Luke Wilson, and Bill Pullman. [opens June 22]

It’s not a movie, but it stars one of my boyfriends: Saturday night I’ll see Talk Radio on Broadway with Liev Schrieber. I’ll let you know if it’s any good next week.

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