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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

rated G? what am I doing wrong?

This is hi-larious:

[link no longer active, removed at request of linked site]

“No bad words were found,” apparently. I’d say they weren’t fuckin’ lookin’ hard enough.

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  • misterb

    When I put flickfilosopher through – I got R. But interestingly enough – not for the fucks but for using kill, suicide and other violent words (My own old blog was rated PG for the same reason) Perhaps this is an unAmerican site that objects to violence rather than profanity and sex.

  • Josh Gilchrist

    Your blog for Knocked Up is rated

  • Josh Gilchrist

    It was supposed to show the image there. Anyway, it is rated NC-17

  • Shadowen

    Yeah, my problem with that site isn’t the rating, but what they use to rate.

  • MaryAnn

    If the rating changes seemingly on a whim like that, then what use is this rating system?

  • JT

    They rate each page independently. If you enter the URL for the ‘Knocked Up’ review and the URL for the ‘Ratatouille’ review, for instance, you get different ratings.

    The criteria for ratings is pretty stupid. CNN.com is rated PG for having the word ‘gay’ on the front page.

  • Josh

    JT, that’s not stupid. That’s how the rating system works. People are afraid of anything to do with gayness, so the very mention of it increases the rating. My blog mentions sex once but was still given a G rating

  • Josh


  • What the fuck! My blog is rated G as well.

    Apparently those pendejos don’t believe I use any pinche profanity on my site.

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