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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

my movies this week: absolutely nothing

It’s a holiday week, which means no movies for me. It’s not that there aren’t a few films screening this week, but I’ve either seen them already or don’t care to see them. (I think the last week in which I didn’t see a single film was that quiet week between Christmas and New Year’s, six months ago.) Not that I don’t have a ton of work to do, both movie-related and not, so it’s not exactly a vacation. But I’ll have a little less running around this week, so maybe I’ll actually be able to catch up on some stuff that’s been nagging me for ages to get it done. I may catch something in the multiplex… not sure yet.

It feels weird, though: I feel like the summer’s over already. While there are plenty of interesting-looking movies coming up over the next two months that I have not yet seen and am eager to — Sunshine and Stardust, Rocket Science and Charlie Bartlett, The Invasion and Penelope — the only big blockbusters left for me are The Simpsons Movie and The Bourne Ultimatum. Summer’s just begun, and it feels like autumn is on the horizon already. Very weird.

Anyway, while we all wait for The Simpsons, check out the movie’s official site: you can create a portrait of yourself if you were a resident of Springfield (that’s the Springfield me on the left). And USA Today is sponsoring a contest in which you pick your favorite Springfield — the winning city will then host the film’s premiere later this month. Vote here.

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