happy birthday to me: FlickFilosopher.com is 10 years old today

Today’s the day: on September 8, 1997, I posted my first movie review on the Internet. The first post in my 10-year celebration, which I started a year ago today, has some history of the site, if you’re interested.
I spent the last year migrating reviews from the old design into the blog format, which is important not just to maintain a cohesive look at the site but also to get all the content into a database — that will make future upgrades to whatever the next hot thing in Net design is. But I did have someone email me recently who was annoyed that I had “disabled the Back button” and so must be very ashamed of my work if I don’t want people to be able to surf back to a previous back on the site. Of course, I have not disabled anything: all those old-design pages now have redirects on them bouncing surfers to the new blog pages, and so hitting the Back button merely moves you back to the redirect page… which immediately bounces you forward again. I realize that’s a bit inconvenient, but with thousands of pages and countless links to the old pages around the Net, there’s no way I could NOT redirect. And there’s an easy-to-use nav bar at the top of all the blog pages, so it should still be easy to find what you need. (And of course you can always use your browser’s history to navigate back if you need to.)

I’m starting the process of putting together a book of my favorite reviews, which I hope to have ready very soon — November, maybe. And I’d like to include a Readers’ Choice. So here’s what I’d like you to do. Send me an email with one choice for your favorite review of mine, anything published up till today. Everyone who sends in a vote — ONE vote only — will be entered into a drawing to receive one of five free copies of the book. This has nothing to do with my other contests in which I give away movie crap, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve won before or anything. The only rule is: ONE vote per person, and get your vote in by October 1.

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