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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

misogynist idiot of the moment

“Arnold Furious” at 411.mania.com, who says — drum roll, please:

I’d like to choke that bitch MaryAnn Johanson for giving It’s a Wonderful Life the thumbs down.

I’m gonna keep highlighting the particular violent vehemence directed toward a woman with an opinion as I come across examples directed toward me, because I think it’s important to show up these pigs for what they are, and because I’m not the only woman by far to come under attack like this. (Though I’ve also so far escaped the much more ugly and disturbing treatment some women online have but at the receiving end of.)

“Furious” includes the above quote as part of a roundup of great directors; I’m the only critic he singles out even though the less-than-100-percent Rotten Tomatoes ratings he highlights for the films of these directors indicate that there are other critics who don’t like certain movies he likes. Does he write anything like, “I’d like to stab that bastard Joe Smith in the nuts for giving Goodfellas a Rotten rating”? Of course not, although the vast majority of critics are men and so there are going to be many who disagree with him.

Mostly, though, I find it hilarious and ironic that it’s a movie that so many people supposedly revere for its gentleness that has inspired such vicious ire in a guy who, it seems, isn’t even brave enough to post under his actual name.

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