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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

movie-ku #1

I’ve been brainstorming for ideas for new content for FlickFilosopher.com, particularly something to replace the daily 10-year-retrospective postings that have supplied regular content (apart from reviews, of course) for most the last year. One of the ideas that struck me was to write a daily haiku about The Movies, and that’s what I’m gonna do starting today and for the next 364 days. Or at least that’s the plan. It’s a little scary, the thought of having to come up with a haiku every day, but that’s good: scary is good. It means my brain will get some different exercise, will get stretched in a new direction. And at the end of a year, I’ll have enough movie haikus — or movie-kus, as I’m calling them — to fill a small book.

And so, movie-ku #1:

Flickering shadows
Ghosts of imagination
Deception finds truth

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