opening wide today: ‘3:10 to Yuma,’ ‘Shoot ’Em Up,’ ‘The Brothers Solomon’

3:10 to Yuma
Christian Bale and Russell Crowe saddle up in the Old West. Ironic, ain’t it, that we’re reduced to importing all-American Marlboro Men from Wales and New Zealand? All overseas outsouring should be this rugged and manly. (my review is here)

Shoot ’Em Up
They’re not kidding with that title. Seriously: cartoonish gunplay is all this one is about. Oh, and Clive Owen being drop-dead sexy. Just watch how all the bad guys drop dead when he comes around. (my review is here)

The Brothers Solomon
Idiot, ignorant homeschooled siblings experiment with fatherhood — no, it’s not a horror movie. It’s like Knocked Up for people who don’t know where babies come from, only dumber. (not screened for most critics, including me, thank god; the few (un)lucky enough to have seen it are not happy)

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