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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

opening wide today: ‘The Brave One,’ ‘Dragon Wars,’ ‘Mr. Woodcock’

The Brave One
Jodie’s got a gun. Jodie’s got a gun. What did New York City do? What did it put her through? It jacked the little bitty baby, the place has got to be insane. But now that Jodie’s got a gun, it ain’t never gonna be the same. (my review is here)

Dragon Wars
Also known as D-War, and be glad you missed the A- through C-wars. Think cheap-looking dragons versus miniature tanks in modern Los Angeles. Maybe they should call in the Transformers. (not screened for critics, though I might try to catch it next week)

Mr. Woodcock
What’s with these crude comedies that are so tame they earn a lousy PG-13? It’s got “cock” in the title, for Billy Bob Thornton’s sake, and that weasel Seann William Scott deserves an R-rated smackdown for having three first names alone. (oh, like I’m gonna bother with a movie with “cock” in the title)

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