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Cameron Diaz: hideously old, and ugly too?

Speaking of hating the Farrelly Brothers

What the fuck?

Malin Akerman, the actress who plays Ben Stiller’s crazy girlfriend in The Heartbreak Kid, is a very pretty gal, but she’s absolutely terrifying in one regard: she’s a damn near clone of Cameron Diaz, who, waiiiiit just a second, was Stiller’s costar nine years ago in There’s Something About Mary, which is much the same kind of awful as the Farrellys’ new opus.

Just look:

That’s Akerman on the left in each pairing, and Diaz on the right.

If the Farrellys wanted to reunite Stiller and Diaz, why not just cast Diaz again? Oh, that’s right: Diaz is now over 30, but Akerman is still in her 20s.

It’s okay for Stiller to get older, I guess, but his female costars have to stay the same age: nubile.

As you can see for yourself, Cameron Diaz today is a hideous old hag:

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