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my week at the movies: ‘Gone Baby Gone,’ ‘Music Within,’ ‘Holly,’ ‘The Darjeeling Limited,’ ‘Darfur Now,’ ‘Steep’

Ben Affleck has made a movie. And not just any old sort of movie, but a kind of take-that reaction to, oh, Clint Eastwood and his Mystic River. “What does a cowboy know about Boston?” could be the question Ben is asking with Gone, Baby, Gone [opens wide October 19]. Or maybe it’s just, “How can I get my brother Casey some work?”

I’ve got two movies I’ll see this week partly because Ron Livingston is in them (and partly because I can slot them in around other screenings). One is Music Within [opens limited October 26], which is based on a true story about a Vietnam vet who became a champion of disabled people in America and one of the motivating factors behind the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Michael Sheen also stars in this one, and I’m still in love with him since The Queen.) The other Livingston movie is Holly [opens limited November 9], in which he plays an American in Cambodia who gets caught up in the sex-trafficking industry there. Cheerful. I know lots of gals love Livingston because of Sex and the City, but I hate that crap: I still love him for Office Space.

I’ll finally make some time this week to check out The Darjeeling Limited [now playing limited; opens wide October 26], Wes Anderson’s new flick. Looking forward to it…

Two documentaries are on my horizon for this week, too. One is Darfur Now [opens limited November 2], about the genocide in Sudan and the efforts around the globe by regular citizens and celebrities alike to raise awareness about it and, eventually, stop it. On the lighter side, there’s Steep [opens limited December 21], about the sport of extreme skiing and the nutters who do it.

The ever-growing piles of DVDs stacked around my desk is getting ridiculous: I think I need to get some of these watched and out of the way this week. There’s lots of stuff I want to report on, and then, just this morning, there it was from the DHL guy: The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume One, 12 discs of you-call-this-archaeology. I can’t wait to dive in…

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