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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

finished ‘Life on Mars’

Head exploding in slow motion. I feel like I need to throw up. And for some reason, I can’t stop crying.

Must blog about the show — after I watch it all again just to try to get my head around it — but it’s gonna be tough to talk about it without spoiling it for the many, many folks who would be interested in it but who haven’t had the opportunity to see it.

Pretty sure that I will indeed have to write The Totally Geeky Guide to Life on Mars.

*sigh* Won’t be able to sleep with this all in my brain…

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  • The last episode can and has been interpreted in a number of different ways, but for series creator Matthew Graham’s take on it, here’s an article from the Manchester Evening News, published immediately after transmission.


  • MaryAnn

    Interesting. I’ve been seeing the Wonderland/Oz thing from the beginning — I thought it was pretty obvious, actually.

    The reason my head is exploding in slow motion is because I keep coming up with different ways to interpret that ending.

  • Barb Gorczyca

    I think one of the nice things with the ending is that it can have several interpretations but, from my point of view, it ended the way it should have and I am glad the producers did not prolong the series unnecessarily. Still not looking forward to the US version though after the poor Touching Evil and Viva Laughlin. I’ll stick with the Brit versions.

  • i’ve been watching LOM with maryann and that last episode blew me away… i felt like i had been hit with a concussive blast. like the smack was so hard that i haven’t processed it all yet. i found myself saying, “no, no, no….” and yet totally expecting parts of what happened too. still thinking about it… my brain is so full, the gray cells are leaking out of my ears… i have to watch this entire series over again… very soon.

  • allochthon

    Dang it, just the thought of your reviews just gave me the shivers (well, that, and reading the story at manchestereveningnews.co.uk.)

  • MaryAnn

    Oh, I have SO much to say about this show. I’m still assimilating it, but I think I’ll get started on it soon.

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