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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

opening wide today: ‘Fred Claus,’ ‘Lions for Lambs,’ ‘P2’

Fred Claus
Vince Vaughn is Santa’s wisecracking, screwup of a brother who crashes the North Pole just before Christmas and makes himself generally unwelcome. No, seriously: that’s what the movie is about. Honestly, no kidding. (my review is here)

Lions for Lambs
Senator Tom Cruise has the solution for fixing the Middle East! He lost me, though, when he revealed that it involves 60-million-year-old aliens and a massive international effor to help Bin Laden become Clear. (my review is here)

It’s Die Hard in a Parking Lot as a psycho chases a businesswoman around the ramps and oil slicks on Christmas Eve. I’m guessing she decks the creep and gets home in time to deck the halls. (shockingly, not screened for critics)

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  • Well, I got momentarily excited about my movie-going prospects for today when I looked at the release date you put down for No Country for Old Men. You marked it as being released on 11/09. But then it didn’t show up in local listings, and IMDB had it’s release date as 11/21. Then I remember that your release dates are for NYC only. -sigh-

  • Gilbert Fergison

    P2 was screened for critics. I went to a promo screening of it Tuesday night at IFC and a bunch of rows were saved for some special invitees which I think were the press. Some of them had notepads with them so they must have been critics. Not a bad movie at all but nothing new.

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