opening wide today: nothin’

It’s Friday, but no movies open wide today: they all opened on Christmas Day. Some platforming releases may be opening in a few theaters, or adding a few theaters today, though, so take a look at your local listings and you may find something new in your area.

Things get back to normal next week, with new wide releases and expanding movies pegged to Friday.

I have to admit that even judging on the strange scale of a freelancer, for whom most days don’t feel like any particular day, this week everything feels weird. It sure doesn’t feel like a Friday today — it doesn’t feel like any kind of day. Which is nice, actually…

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Fri, Dec 28, 2007 4:48pm

Don’t forget that early January is one of two annual dumping grounds (the other being Labor Day weekend) where studios release a ton of crappy movies… so next weekend might as well be a movie-free weekend, too.