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my week at the movies: ‘Cloverfield,’ and that’s it

So I was hoping that the screening madness would calm down a bit in January, and this looks like my week to take advantage of that: I’m gonna catch Cloverfield [opens wide January 18] on Tuesday night, and that’s gonna be my only movie of the week. (Not counting DVDs, of which I have a stack I need to zip through and comment on — stay tuned.) I’m getting ready to leave for Arisia on Friday, which requires all sorts of tedious chores like organzing the details of the party I’ll cohost at the convention with my pal Bonnie-Ann Black, artist and author, and laundry, and arranging to have the cat looked after, and so on, all the things I don’t have a wife to take care of for me. And I really, really need to work on the new book of my collected reviews that I want to have ready for Boskone next month. And I really, really need to take down my Christmas tree, because if I don’t do it this week, it’s gonna be Valentine’s Day before I get around to it.

So: there are many other screenings I could attend this week, but I will have more opportunities to see these films next week and into February, so this seems to be the moment to take a little break from screenings.

Not that I still won’t have tons of stuff to do…

Oh, and I’ve written a lot of stuff about Cloverfield already — check here for all of that. And what for my spoiler-free review on Friday.

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