me at Boskone next weekend

I’ll be a guest at the science fiction convention Boskone in Boston next weekend, Friday, February 15, through Sunday, February 17. I’ll be talking about movies and TV and being a geek (a full schedule of my panels follows after the jump), and I’ll be hosting a room party on Saturday night: expect genteel refreshments; a chance to buy a copy of my book, The Totally Geeky Guide to The Princess Bride, and get it signed by me in person; and other general merriment.
My panel schedule follows. Saturday is my busy day, with lots of opportunities to hear me blather on about all kinds of geeky stuff. I’ll have copies of my book for sale at each panel or event, too.

Literary Beer
Friday 8pm

This is basically just a chance to sit and have a drink with me and shoot the shit. Though there will be lots of chances for that all through the weekend.

The Storyteller’s Bowl: Making Money Off the Web
Saturday noon
Eve Ackerman, MaryAnn Johanson, Sharon Lee, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Trish Wilson

Old idea, new technology: some writers are cutting out the middleman and publishing straight to the web via the “storyteller’s bowl” model. In this arrangement, a chapter is posted once subscriptions reach a pre-set $um. Is this model good for the long term? Is it always successful? Should you try it for your next project?

Saturday 1pm

I’ll read something I’ve written. Not sure yet what it’ll be — maybe a few reviews that’ll be in the upcoming collected print edition of my stuff, maybe something else…

Genre Films of the Year: The Great and the Ghastly
Saturday 2pm
Bob Devney, Bob Eggleton, MaryAnn Johanson, Howard Waldrop

Which had a happier ending, The Mist or Sweeney Todd? Did Spider-Man 3 tingle your spidey sense with fear of any more sequels? Why was Sunshine so dim? Wasn’t Ratatouille just the rat’s meow? Recalling the science fiction, fantasy, and horror movies we’ve seen since last Boskone, let’s discuss the most interesting — good and bad.

Battlestar Galactica Endings — Roll Your Own
Saturday 4pm
Michael A. Burstein, Jeffrey A. Carver, Craig Shaw Gardner, MaryAnn Johanson, Jennifer Pelland

Looks like we may never get an official end to the series. But hey, we re SF fans: we ll make one (heck, several) up. Conversation may also include but should not be limited to discussion of how BSG is (was) the awesomist esseff teevee evah!

Nominating for the Hugos: Dramatic Presentations
Saturday 5pm
Vince Docherty, MaryAnn Johanson, Daniel Kimmel, Jim Mann

The Hugo nominations deadline is only two weeks away. Join us to talk about the best dramatic presentations, both short and long, of 2007.

Flicks Making Fun of Fantasy
Sunday 11am
Gregory Frost, MaryAnn Johanson, Timothy Liebe, Howard Waldrop [I’ll moderate this panel]

Let’s recognize that movies subverting high fantasy for comic effect are now an official subgenre. Examples: The Princess Bride, the Shrek series, and last year’s instant classic Enchanted. Do fantasy fans enjoy these flicks even more than nonfans? Have kids today got enough grasp of classic fairy tales to subvert? What specific fantasy subjects or subgenres should they start sending up next?

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