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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

opening wide this week: ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles,’ ‘Jumper,’ ‘Step Up 2 the Streets,’ ‘Definitely Maybe’

The Spiderwick Chronicles
Three kids discover that the spooky house they just moved into is actually a doorway to a realm inhabited by strange creatures. It’s called The Suburbs, and their first big battle is against that Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn monster. (my review)

Hayden “Anakin Skywalker” Christensen discovers he can teleport, and starts having fun with it. We know this is fantasy because if he really could jump anywhere on a whim, he’d have leapt out of those Star Wars prequels pronto and left George Lucas to eat his transdimensional dust. (my review)

Step Up 2 the Streets
A rebellious street dancer from an intimidating street crew gets chance to attend a snooty private dance school, where of course she doesn’t fit in until, of course, she organizes her classmates to compete at an underground dance battle. They were gonna call it Citizen Kane, but that was already taken. (not seen by me, which is just fine)

Definitely, Maybe
Van Wilder (that is, Ryan Reynolds) explains the mysteries of love and romance to Little Miss Sunshine (that is, Abigail Breslin). It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but turns out it’s one of the best romantic dramedies ever made. Seriously, ever. It’s a Valentine’s gift for movie fans. (my review)

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