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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

so what am I doing wrong?

I’m constantly getting emails from people who want me to identify that one movie they saw once starring that guy whose name they can’t remember but he was in that other movie the name of which has slipped the mind but that girl from that TV show was in it too, or want to know where they can buy a prop that was in the background of that one scene in that one episode of some TV show that I’ve never even given an indication that I watch. But these people realize I’m a busy gal: maybe one of my staff can look into it?

And then I had someone at a screening recently — another film journalism professional who presumably knows what he’s talking about, although maybe not — tell me that if I’m not making six figures a year from my blog I’m doing something wrong, because all these other bloggers-slash-writers who are simply horrible are getting rich off the Web.

So I’m feeling rather flummoxed and depressed lately. Staff? It is to laugh. There’s no staff here, just me. And while I’m still in the process of going through my receipts and 1099s and such in preparation for tax time, I’ll be astonished if I breached five figures from this site last year.

This is what I wonder: How can I be projecting an image here of a far larger enterprise than I am actually am, of an enterprise that should be making far more money than it is? If I’m doing all that right, where is the rest of it going wrong?

I don’t expect any answers. I’m just venting.

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