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what I can’t wait for in 2008

The movie year 2007 ain’t over yet — won’t be till the Oscars are handed out — but that don’t mean we can’t look forward to what’s coming in 2008. At the instigation of Nathaniel R. of Film Experience, some of my fellow critics and I have come up with our joint list of the 15 movies we’re most psyched for this year. I’m not gonna tell you what the movies are — you’ll have to cruise on over to Film Experience as Nathaniel reveals these movies, one at a time, two a day, over the next week; we critics will be discussing them as well, and you can join in on the conversation.

Because this is a list assembled by committee, we all have “orphans,” films we’re excited about that no one else is. These are my top orphans… which means these are definitely not among the 15 movies to be revealed:
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Chrystal Skull: Well, duh. It’s Indiana Jones. It’s the ultimate movie experience of my childhood (maybe even greater than Star Wars) come back again.

Genova: It’s from Michael Winterbottom, which is all I need to know — I love his movies something fierce for their otherworldly quality. That it’s a ghost story starring Colin Firth, Catherine Keener, and Hope Davis doesn’t hurt either.

Quantum of Solace: Daniel Craig as James Bond is now like David Tennant as the Doctor, for me — yes, other actors have played the part, but these guys are actually real. Plus, it’s being directed by Marc Forster, who’s been making some really eclectic and fascinating movies.

Star Trek: Another no-brainer, particularly with JJ Abrams at the helm. And this cast is killing me: Simon Pegg as Scotty? Anton Yelchin as Chekov? Bruce Greenwood as Christopher Pike? Karl Urban as Bones? I am in geek heaven just thinking about it.

Pride & Glory: Okay, check this out — Gavin (Tumbleweeds) O’Connor and Joe (Narc) Carnahan tell a story about corruption in the NYPD, and it stars Colin Farrell and Edward Norton as cops and brothers-in-law whose loyalties are tested, etc etc. Unfortunately, this one supposedly has been pushed back to 2009, so I may have to wait longer than I first anticipated.

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