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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

how I wanted to spend the weekend…

Oh, and I meant to say, I had planned on spending the weekend not playing Where’s My Web Site but catching up on Doctor Who and Torchwood blogging, watching some of that John Adams thing on HBO, writing reviews, watching some DVDs, writing some stuff to bank for posting while I’m away in Paris (I leave later this week)… But no.

It could have been worse. The meltdown could have happened while I was in Paris — I’ll have my laptop with me there and will probably do some blogging from there, but still. Or it could have happened over a weekend during which a big movie like the new Indiana Jones opened — which would have meant I’d have lost a helluva lot more traffic than I lost over a slow movie weekend like this one.

If only I had that staff so many people seem to think I have…

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