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my week at the movie: ‘Before the Rains,’ ‘Stop-Loss’

Not much on the movie slate for me this week: I’m getting ready to leave for Paris on Thursday… which doesn’t mean there won’t be new stuff here for you to be reading while I’m gone. There will be, including, I hope, some movie-ish related Parisian blogging.

Before I go, though, I’ll see Before the Rains [opens limited May 9], the new Merchant-Ivory production, which was at Toronto in September and will be at Tribeca in April. The English-language debut of Indian filmmaker Santosh Sivan, this is the tale, I’m told, of an Englishman (Linus Roache) in India just before World War II, and his adventures in colonialism as he attempts to establish a spice plantation. The poster makes it look kinda sexy. That would be nice: Linus Roache is pretty yummy. I’ve been enjoying his snarky and pragmatic new ADA on Law and Order, and I bet he looks just as good in period clothing as he does in lawyer drag.

I’m supposed to see Stop-Loss [opens wide March 28], too, the new film from Boys Don’t Cry director Kimberly Peirce. It’s about American soldiers fighting in Iraq who can’t escape even after they’ve done their contracted time, and it stars demigods Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Timothy Olyphant (Ryan Phillippe is in it too, but he’s not a demigod). But I’m still waiting to hear from the publicists about where the screening is. They’re cutting it close…

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