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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

opening wide today: ’21,’ ‘Stop-Loss,’ ‘Superhero Movie,’ ‘Run Fat Boy Run’

Poor but brilliant MIT students fly to Vegas every weekend, count cards, and make a killing at blackjack — Kevin Spacey showed them how! And then things go wrong. Oh, come on, you knew they would. Watch for Jim Sturgess, who plays the poorest, most brilliant student, to become a big, big star. (my review)

Kimberly Peirce finally follows up her devastating 1999 debut Boys Don’t Cry with this tale of soldiers being forcibly rotated back to deployments in Iraq even after they’ve served out their contracts. I bet it turns out that boys do cry after all. (my review)

Superhero Movie
You know all those funny, clever bits in Spider-Man and Batman Begins? Expect to see them restaged clumsily, with ugly, untalented actors and lots of pointless vulgarity and toilet humor. Because that’s what passes for parody these days. (not screened for critics)

Run Fat Boy Run
Simon Pegg — aka Shaun of the Dead — left his fiancee, Thandie Newton, at the altar five years back, and, lazy slob that he is, he’s only now decided to try to win her back. By running a marathon. His logic is suspect, but then again, he is a man, and we must forgive the weaker sex their silly notions, because they’re so cute, aren’t they? (my review)

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