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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

keepin’ myself busy at the Tribeca Film Festival…

I’ve been running myself ragged — but not too ragged, since I promised myself I wouldn’t make myself completely crazy — at the Tribeca Film Festival over the last few days, and that will continue through Thursday. I’m seeing some very interesting films (and missing more that I’m sure are also fascinating), and I’ll have something to say about those hopefully starting tomorrow.

After Tribeca dies down, I’ve got a long list of things to keep me busy for quite a while:

• getting together my new book, a collection of reviews from the first 10 years of FlickFilosopher, which I hope to have finished in time for Balticon over Memorial Day weekend, though, honestly, that seems like a stretch

• launching a new site that will serve as my portfolio, a place to post fiction (including my fan fiction), an idea scratchpad, and general blog for anything not specifically related to film, TV, DVD, and related pop culture (Geek Philosophy will get incorporated into that)

• after I learn Movable Type 4 to launch that site, I’ll work on porting FlickFilosopher.com over to MT 4, freshen up the design in the process, and see if there’s stuff I should be doing here at FlickFilosopher that I’m not already doing.

With that last in mind, is there something you’d like to be seeing here that you aren’t? More reactions to newsy stuff? More reviews? More discussions of TV? What do you expect to see here, and don’t?

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