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my week at the movies: ‘Made of Honor’ and the Tribeca Film Festival

While I recover from the insanity of New York Comic Con this past weekend — and take some time to go through all the stuff and swag I collected and try to organize it all into cohesive blocks, the better to tell you about it — I’m doing just one screening this week: Made of Honor [opens wide May 2]. And I’m not particularly looking forward to this one, partly because I’m so not into the Doctor McDreamy thing, and also because I remember when this movies was called My Best Friend’s Wedding, and I didn’t like it then, either.

Okay, well, I say I’m only doing one screening, but that’s not quite true, because I’ll also be popping into the Tribeca Film Festival [runs from April 23 through May 4] starting on Thursday and running through next week. I’ll probably see two dozen films over the course of the festival, which ain’t exactly taking a break. I’ll have more on the festival later today or tomorrow, and I’ll be reporting on the films I see like I did last year.

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