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not movies: rodential problem in Paris

Apparently Paris has a problem with rabbits getting their paws stuck in doors on the Metro:

And with newlyweds being menaced by giant squirrels:

I think they should just not let rabbits on the Metro. I’m not sure what they should do about the squirrels.

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maryann buzz
  • Ah, but rabbits aren’t rodents, but lagomorphs. I understand the giant, clothed bunny warning, but what is the giant squirrel warning against?

  • MaryAnn

    The squirrel ad is for a bank advising young married couples expecting a baby to prepare for the future (by saving more money, I guess), but why looming parenthood and impending massive expenditures of money should be represented by a giant squirrel is a mystery.

    And of course I know rabbits are not rodents. But rodents are funnier, and “rodent” is a funnier word.

  • c.p.brown.

    No I’d rather not bleach my teeth, thankyou.
    ps. where did rodential come from?

  • Jurgan

    I guess you’re supposed to think of “squirreling away” money to prepare for a child.

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