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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

opening wide today: ‘Baby Mama,’ ‘Deception,’ ‘Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay’

Baby Mama
Tina Fey is so terribly old that she must hire Amy Poehler, all of a year younger than her, to have her baby. Expect jokes about pregnancy-test pee sticks, pregnant women as fat, and pretty much anything else you can think of that takes all the magic and wonder and cuddly goodness out of having a baby. (my review)

Hugh Jackman lures Ewan McGregor into a sex club, where all sorts of kinky things are going on. Oh my goodness, I’ve had that fantasy…. No, wait, it’s about them getting involved in murder and other nefariousness, not about them getting all hot and bothered together? Drat. (I was told that this would not screen for critics, but obviously some critics have seen it; what with me keeping busy with the Tribeca Film Festival, I’ll probably have to skip this one, but oh yes, it will be a rental…)

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
Remember when idiot duos like Bill & Ted and Wayne & Garth were merely sweetly dumb and only had to worry about writing their history papers or tuning up their guitars? Now they’re actively felonious and on the run from law enforcement who’d throw them in a secret prison as soon as look at them. Cuz the end of civil rights is soooo funny. (my request for screening information was ignored, which led me to assume that this one would not screen for critics either, but again, some critics have seen it; I’ll give it a pass)

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