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opening wide today: ‘The Forbidden Kingdom,’ ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ ‘88 Minutes,’ ‘Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed’

The Forbidden Kingdom
A kung-fu-crazed kid from South Boston wakes up in medieval China, where he is tasked with a quest that involves visiting the Jade Warlord before he can return home. And Jackie Chan was there, and Jet Li, and flying monkeys (really!). There’s no yellow brick road or yappy little dog, but there might as well be. (my review)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
What’s the best way to forget the girlfriend who just broke up with you? Why, it’s by following her and her new boyfriend to a tropical paradise, where you can continue to act like the overgrown adolescent you are that made her break up with you in the first place. Good times. Unsuprisingly, this is from the guys who brought us Knocked Up. (my review is coming shortly)

88 Minutes
Al Pacino is a forensic psychiatrist who goofs around with serial killers, and now he has 88 minutes to solve his own murder. I remember when that was called D.O.A. and it’s been done twice before. Maybe it’s Pacino’s career that he has 88 minutes to save. Bet he doesn’t make it. (not screened for critics, and I’ll skip it)

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
Yes, it’s the “intelligent design” documentary, which purports to demonstrate that up is down and black and white and scientists are big bad meanies who don’t want anyone telling them they’re wrong. Up next: how the theory of gravity is wrong and why “assisted falling” is all part of God’s plan. (my review)

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