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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

the green light doesn’t always mean “great flick”…

The green light just means “see it.”

I knew this was gonna need some explaining when I gave a green light to Expelled, the pro-creationism documentary opening wide next week. And already I’m being accused of falling for its “Darwinism = Nazism” claim (which is but one of the bizarre aspects of the movie). You may rest assured that I remain firmly in the camp of science and reason, and firmly out of the camp of fairy stories and the “here a miracle happens” branch of pseudoscience.

But I do think everyone needs to see this movie, because the creationists aren’t going away anytime soon, and everyone needs to be aware of what they’re up to. But I’ll go into that more when I actually review the film.

In the meantime, I remain a monkey’s uncle… or aunt, I guess.

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  • JSW
  • JoeU

    For those wanting a preview
    of the Ben Stein documentary:
    Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed …

    3 “EXPELLED” movie trailers
    a Bill O’Reilly interview
    can be viewed at: http://www.ExpelledTheMovie.com/video.php


  • Mark

    Expelled is not a Creationist movie. Ben Stein is neither a Christian, nor a Young-Earth Creationist. He’s an intelligent design proponent.

  • MaryAnn

    Expelled is not a Creationist movie.

    Here we go…

    I’ll address this in my review. But if Ben Stein is not a believer in the Judeo-Christian god, then you’d never know it from this film.

  • Rich

    The issue is that when people see the film they give the propagandist money and validate this model of anti-science holocaust revisionism. Your endorsement makes you complicit.

  • MaryAnn

    Well, that’s the first time anyone has suggested I’m doing anything to help out anti-science religionists.

    As I said in the other thread, there are ways to see a movie that do NOT involve giving any money to anyone. You could rent it from your public library once it’s on DVD, for instance.

  • Rich

    If it gets rented enough times, the library will buy two copies…. If the TV ratings are good enough, they’ll be demand for more. Again, thinking it through isn’t really your strong point.

    Do you think in this for profit world there are channels that aren’t scrutinized? If you had more readers, people would be asking to advertise here…

  • MaryAnn

    I don’t see what my advertisers (which are plenty as you can certainly see for yourself) have to do with whether I’m right or wrong. But see the other thread for my response, which is, basically: I have nothing more to say to you since you seem unwilling to hear me.

  • Rich

    I hear you fine. See the other thread for why you don’t make any sense.

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