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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

the green light doesn’t always mean “great flick”…

The green light just means “see it.”

I knew this was gonna need some explaining when I gave a green light to Expelled, the pro-creationism documentary opening wide next week. And already I’m being accused of falling for its “Darwinism = Nazism” claim (which is but one of the bizarre aspects of the movie). You may rest assured that I remain firmly in the camp of science and reason, and firmly out of the camp of fairy stories and the “here a miracle happens” branch of pseudoscience.

But I do think everyone needs to see this movie, because the creationists aren’t going away anytime soon, and everyone needs to be aware of what they’re up to. But I’ll go into that more when I actually review the film.

In the meantime, I remain a monkey’s uncle… or aunt, I guess.

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