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because I can: David Tennant as Hamlet

It’s my site and I can post what I like:

For those not in the know: the Doctor Who star will be playing the mad Dane in a Royal Shakespeare Company production in Stratford-on-Avon starting in July (and will also appear in Love’s Labour’s Lost at the same time; the two shows will be in rep).

I have tickets for both shows in early autumn, and yes, I will report in full ASAP afterward.

Thanks to Dave in comments for pointing out this first publicity photo.

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  • StrangeAgent

    Of course. It’s your reality. We just visit…

  • StrangeAgent

    No chance that this show is travelling, is there? Occasionally, we get terrific productions when they do their tech rehearsals here. Apparently, our little desert theatre has become quite popular for dry (no pun intended) runs…

  • Joanne

    *picks self up off floor*

    That’s a nice pic. I envy you being able to see the production; as he started out with the RSC I’ve every confidence he will be excellent. Plus, Patrick Stewart too. Bonus.

  • MaryAnn

    No chance that this show is travelling, is there?

    No idea. You should probably check out the RSC’s site (linked in the post).

  • Susan

    My fingers are crossed that the RSC has the sense to make a DVD of the two shows! At the very least, selling copies of this poster will make them a small fortune …

  • JSW

    Just as long as they don’t try to perform the sequel.

  • Hamlet comes to London for a few weeks from mid-November, but to see Loves Labours Lost you’ll need to go to Stratford on Avon.

    And that pic is gorgeous. *tries, and fails, to maintain composure.

  • MaryAnn

    And of course the flip side of all this gorgeous theatrical wonderfulness is that we’re gonna get gypped on *Doctor Who* in 2009…

  • Wow. Lucky you! Hope he’s as wonderful as we expect him to be!

  • PaulW

    You know, BBC could use the excuse of having David Tennant “On Leave” to bring Paul McGann back and film a Time War miniseries to fill the time slot…

    With Kiera Knightly as Leela’s feral daughter, Clive Owen as fellow Time Lord Dax, Dame Judi Dench as President of the Time Lords, Saffron Burrows as Romana version Six, Greg Wise as the resurrected Master, Sir Ian McKellan as the Guardian of Light/Guardian of Shadow, Jet Li as Draconian Battle Master Blayd, and millions of salt shakers as Daleks. What’s not to like?

  • Danielle

    Oh man, that picture!!!

    I was thinking about visiting some friends in England this year and trying to get some tickets to see Hamlet, but then I thought that was too geeky, but now I’m sort of reconsidering…

  • Sonia

    He’s just gorgeous. Wonder if thats anything like the look they’ll actually go for in the play…I can only hope so. I love long coats, haha.

    I can’t wait to see it! (Sorry everyone in the US!) I’m quite sure it will be fantastic, because the theater is where he comes from really.

  • I was born in the wrong country. If my English, Irish and Scottish ancestors had stayed in the UK, I would already have tickets for both productions. My only hope is for DVDs. And, if they’re only available in the UK’s format, I’ll be doing some illegal downloading again.

    I’ll be watching for your report, MaryAnn. I can hardly wait to read about it!

  • my irish and scottish grandparents came here, and i still managed to get tickets for Hamlet and Love’s Labours. i also joined the RSC as a member so i can be kept advised of all upcoming events with them. it can be done. all it takes is a boatload (like a cruiser size) of money…

  • Melissa

    Not sure why there’s an apology to those of us in the US. I know about 20 people personally over here with me in the States heading over to the UK to enjoy Tennant at the RSC. Quite a few of us bought RSC memberships from overseas to jump on tickets early.

    It’s the icing on the cake (and catalyst) to take an overseas vacation. :) Cannot wait!

  • Sonia

    Well I only said sorry because it felt like a bit of a tease. People living in the US can certainly make it to a performance, its just considerably harder to do so.

    Oh and…I can’t wait either!

  • Poly in London

    “No chance that this show is travelling, is there?”

    Provided that Hamlet gets good reviews and combined with Patrick Stewart’s Tony nomination for Macbeth this year, it could be it a very attractive proposition for a Broadway transfer. Then it mostly depends on David Tennant’s commitments with Doctor Who (and right now very few people know what these are). On the other hand, some transfers to Broadway happen a good 18 months later than the London run. “Sunday in the Park with George”played in London in mid 2006 before transferring to Broadway at the beginning of 2008 (9 Tony nominations today), and The Seagull (with Kristin Scott Thomas and Chiwetel Ejiofor) is transferring to Broadway later this year and I saw it in London more than a year ago. Fantastic plays both of them by the way.

    So the point I am trying to make in a roundabout way is that even if David Tennant’s commitments don’t allow the production to go to New York straight away, it might still happen.

  • Poly in London

    Neil Gaiman is writing the Tenth Doctor doing Hamlet. Just because these things amuse me.

  • MaryAnn

    I love Neil…

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