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my week at the movies: ‘Postal,’ ‘Dreams With Sharp Teeth’

Slow movie week for me: I’ve got two big nonmovie projects due this week, and unfortunately they are demanding serious attention. But I’ll catch the notorious Uwe Boll’s latest opus, Postal [opens limited May 23], partly because I’m so shocked that it’s actually being screened for critics, and partly because I’m dying to see how awful it can be.

And then I’ll also check out a little documentary about the science fiction writer Harlan Ellison: Dreams With Sharp Teeth [opens limited June 4]. It’s from one of Werner Herzog’s producers, Erik Nelson, and, you know, Ellison is so entertaining. Like the way a train wreck is entertaining.

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  • E

    This is pretty much Boll’s only draw. I don’t know if you heard about the online petition trying to get a million signatures to get him to stop, but after I signed it; I realized how much a gold mine his movies are to watch on dvd and just jab into with friends.

    If you watched In the Name of the King, Matthew Lillard’s exaggerated yet not trying performance, combined with villain Ray Liotta, and a Burt Reynolds who seemed to be confused and annoyed (like putting clothes on a cat), made for a great experience.

  • Wow. You’re actually going to see Postal? What suffering you have to endure for your craft! That is dedication.

  • Ryan H

    Movie Critics: Watching crappy films so that we don’t have to.

  • I love Harlan Ellison’s writing — he’s one of my favorite writers and a tremendous inspiration — but the man personally: yikes. The most contentious person on Earth, indeed.

    And good luck on making it out of Postal alive. Though seeing it and writing a bad review is exactly what Uwe Boll wants — I’ve never seen a movie for which the entire marketing campaign seems based on everyone hating it. No publicity is bad publicity, I guess?

  • Jurgan

    “This is pretty much Boll’s only draw.”

    Not the only one, actually. The rumor is that his entire career is a “Springtime for Hitler” scam- German businessmen fund his movies to write-off the expenses on their taxes. They claim the funding as a business expense, and since they’re sure not to make any profit, they don’t have to worry about paying taxes on that profit. Not sure if that’s true, but it’s funny, nonetheless.

    Personally, I love Boll’s movies in the “so bad it’s good” vein. Some friends and I stayed up late watching House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark one night, and we had a terrific time shouting at the screen. I swear, there’s a scene in Alone in the Dark where a mime is killed by a bullet passing ten feet over his head. And let’s not forget Tara Reid’s archeologist describing “New-FOUND-land” and the classic exchange from House of the Dead:

    “You did it all to be immortal? Why?”
    “To live forever.”

  • E

    We may have to rent House of the Dead now, but thats my point. I had heard vaguely similar things, that he gets most of his funding from kind of tax free German loans, and then does it on all on the cheap. But they were attempting to close some loopholes he was exploiting, all speculation of course.

  • StrangeAgent

    ….really, really looking forward to your thoughts about “Dreams With Sharp Teeth!”

  • Tonio Kruger

    Well, as of last month, Harlan Ellison is no longer with us, thus joining the all too large number of writers — Kate Wilhelm, Ursula Le Gein, Tom Wolfe, Philip Roth, etc. — who are also no longer with us.

    They will be missed.

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