opening wide this weekend: ‘Speed Racer,’ ‘What Happens in Vegas,’ ‘Redbelt’

Speed Racer
The Wachowski Brothers, who gave us The Matrix, return with a cotton-candy cartoon about a kid who likes to go fast when he races in his car, and his name is Speed Racer. No, that’s not his nickname: it’s his name. I’m not making that up: it’s really his name. (my review)

What Happens in Vegas
Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher go to Vegas, get deliberately drunk, get accidentally married, and win $3 million. If you thought they were unpleasant before, just wait till they start fighting over the money. If only this really had stayed in Vegas. (not seen by me, thank god)

You know David Mamet, right? David Mamet? Yeah, Mamet. His movies all sound like this. Like this? Like this, like people stuttering, or like Mamet thinks he’s the anti-Pinter. The anti-Pinter? Yeah, the anti-Pinter, like no one can shut up for a second so they just say anything. This time it’s about mixed martial arts, but it’s the same old stuff. (my review)

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