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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

daily list: oh noes! 5 true terrible things from the world of movies

All true. Some of it sounds like stuff I would make up as a joke, but none of it is. *sigh*

1. Brett Ratner will direct a biopic of Hugh Hefner.

The levels of yuck are endless.

2. Will Smith is begging Michael Bay to make Bad Boys 3.

Shoot me now.

3. Seth “Knocked Up” Rogen will not only star in but will write the Green Hornet movie.

Is it too early to say I suspect it will be superbad?

4. That fire at Universal that destroyed lots of film? No negatives were lost, but new prints of the films that did burn may never be struck again.

Hope for DVD…

5. Hardly anyone wants to make movies in Britain anymore.

That’s just sad. Where will we Yanks get our recommended movie doses of highbrow now?

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