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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

‘Doctor Who’ not-blogging: ‘Silence in the Library’ — plus, fan fiction!

Oh my god, I hates Steven Moffat. I hates him! Making us wait an entire week to find out what’s happening in the library… and with Dr. River Song? Bastard!

I bet he makes us wait a whole lot longer than a week. Oh, sure, he’ll give us some resolution… but I suspect he’s setting up stuff here that won’t even start to come to fruition till 2010, when he’s taken over as showrunner. Fiend!

Anyway, I’ve been promising it forever, and finally I had a chance to begin to get my head around Movable Type 4 and get my fan fiction blog set up: click on over here. There’s a big introduction you might want to read first. The first story I’m posting there is not, in fact, one of the old ones I wrote years ago but one I’m in the process of writing right now, and you’ll be getting it in installments. But I promise not to make you wait till 2010 to find out how it ends.

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