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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

‘Doctor Who’ not-blogging: ‘Silence in the Library’ — plus, fan fiction!

Oh my god, I hates Steven Moffat. I hates him! Making us wait an entire week to find out what’s happening in the library… and with Dr. River Song? Bastard!

I bet he makes us wait a whole lot longer than a week. Oh, sure, he’ll give us some resolution… but I suspect he’s setting up stuff here that won’t even start to come to fruition till 2010, when he’s taken over as showrunner. Fiend!

Anyway, I’ve been promising it forever, and finally I had a chance to begin to get my head around Movable Type 4 and get my fan fiction blog set up: click on over here. There’s a big introduction you might want to read first. The first story I’m posting there is not, in fact, one of the old ones I wrote years ago but one I’m in the process of writing right now, and you’ll be getting it in installments. But I promise not to make you wait till 2010 to find out how it ends.

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  • Paul Hayes

    A few people have said this, but I just find it difficult to believe they’d build something around the possibility of ever getting Alex Kingston back. She lives in America usually, doesn’t she? They said in DWM they thought they probably only got her because of the writers’ strike over there.

  • Poly in London

    I don’t so much think they are setting up future episodes with Alex Kingtson but it’s hard not to think that elements of the story won’t be revisited, especially since Steven Moffat will be lord of the manor soon.
    Not to forget the implication that the Tenth Doctor’s tenure has a long future. Nothing that can’t be changed with timey whimey, in flux time stuff, but it’s hard not to read something into it.
    (how many double negatives can I cram in a couple of sentences?!!)

    So happy you posted the fanfic :)

  • MaryAnn

    Hey, the entirety of *Doctor Who* is premised on a man who can change his face. I don’t think River is meant to be a Time Lord, but this is science fiction. Anything can happen. :->

  • MaryAnn

    Or perhaps Moffat just couldn’t resist a nod toward the novel *The Time Traveler’s Wife.*

  • I inevitably think of another TV series which I hear the name River, MaryAnn. ;-)

    It is kinda poetic to see a woman primarily known for playing a –well, you know–cast on this series.

    And, yes, that ending was creepy.


    Here’s hoping so-and-so gets rescued next week. I could say “saved” but that seems so wrong in this context.

  • I am so glad this guy’s taking over the show next year. Doctor Who is going to morph from usually enjoyable into genuinely compelling… I can feel it. Very exciting.

  • StrangeAgent

    MaryAnn: Thank you, thank yOU, THANK YOU for leading me back to the Doctor. Hadn’t watched Doctor Who since I was a child living in Mildenhall, Suffolk. Hadn’t seen a proper episode since 1978. I’m falling more and more in love the more episodes I watch. Thanks.

  • Paul Johnson

    OK, MaryAnn, it’s time to put some plot elements together. The Ood tells the Doctor in Planet of the Ood that his song must end soon; every song must end. Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead has Dr. River Song as a major character. Dr. River Song has met the Doctor before in a future time and claims something close to companion status (advanced-grade sonic screwdriver). The longer just-released preview to the Forest of the Dead has Dr. River Song threatening to reveal “spoilers” from the future, after a scene in which she “whispers” into the Doctor’s ear.

    At this risk of introducing yet another temporal anomaly into the program, I don’t think Dr. Song is long for this world.

  • MaryAnn

    But if River has had all these experiences with Doctor No. 10, then those must still be in his future. *She* may not have a future beyond the Library, but she has a past. (I think she has a LOT more than “companion status”…) :->

    Or are you suggesting that her “past” with the Doctor will be entirely erased, so that he never experiences it at all? That *would* be something Moffat would do to us (and to the Doctor).

    To which I say again: Bastard!

  • Paul Johnson

    By the way, don’t forget that the Doctor threw away a sonic screwdriver near the end of the Partners in Crime episode. Maybe that suggests a Torchwood Institute connection for Dr. Song, possibly with the help of Donna’s folks (the mother is assumed to have fished Donna’s car keys out of the same trash bin by the time of the next episode; she could have found the screwdriver at the same time and given it to the authorities). Torchwood is always good at making incremental improvements in alien technology.

  • Paul Johnson

    MaryAnn: I don’t think that there is a “future” problem here, because Dr. Song’s chronologically-oriented timeline of past to future exists only relatively to the Doctor’s (as a Time Lord who has the resources of the Matrix/Bad Wolf to draw upon, his timelines are the only hierarchical “constants” in the series). She could have met him in a chronological time period somewhat earlier than the library episode (51st century, interestingly also the time of Captain Jack Harkness) and still show up to die in the library. The spoilers would be in the Doctor’s “future” but the chronological past.

    One possibility that could mess this up would be that Dr. Song is also a time traveler or a Time Lord. She doesn’t look anything like Rose, Genny, or Donna so I don’t see any connection there.

  • Dawn

    Yes – I thought about the Ood too – odd that! And Prof. Song is so obviously his past/future love interest (lucky lady) and as such is no doubt scheduled for a nasty demise at the end of episode 9! My guess is that there are now 4023 saved – the plus one being Donna…and I think that the “spoilers” are relevant because there may be around 4000+ books just behind the Doctor on the preview – and who is to say that each one contains a “saved” life-form. How they get from saved to survivor though is anyones guess. Maybe she is in a stark room – on her own – or with 4022 others, who knows!!! It is obvious that Pr. Song knows Donna’s fate at the end of the series and it doesn’t look good does it?! (I said at the beginning of the series I had a feeling she would DIE – still there I’m afraid – and I’m worried about the lovely Wilf too! Donna is to be saved by our hero only to be wrenched from him in episode 13….I just feel it!

    ps – it was a sonic pen in the bin…and I really hope that Donna’s mum isn’t using it to fill in her lottery numbers!

    pps – any chance of a save Wilf campaign???

  • Dawn

    Oh – and isn’t “the girl” great in her first role… (and hasn’t Colin Salmon got a SEXY voice – very Patrick Stewart!)

  • MaryAnn

    I don’t think that there is a “future” problem here,

    Oh, I’m not worried about there being a timeline problem — I’m worried about there being a “Moffat is gonna torture us and the Doctor” problem… and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible toward Moffat. He’s brilliant, he’s just uses his brillance to torture us. But of course, if he wasn’t brilliant, he wouldn’t be capable of torturing us like this. :->

  • I love Mr. Moffat too (…but I will miss RTD when he departs next year.) He is the only writer that actually made me jump off the sofa in fear during “Blink” (oh, and of course the director gets credit there too). Back to “Silence..” and forgot to say on my last post. Anyone else think that the good Doctor being in Biographies is relevant??! That’s why I think that the “saved” are in the books… Oh, and if the Doctor spies anything in her book will time unravel and their relationship never happen… Another Moffat twist maybe? And what is she whispering to him? That Rose Tyler is coming back? I am LOVING this series.

    Oh – and only 55 days till I see Hamlet – OMG – I’m already down to counting the days. (Only a week until I run a 10K to raise funds for Headway – panicking now!)

  • I wasn’t that wild about this episode – maybe I just wasn’t in the zone – but ohmigod, part two! 10/10!

  • Poly in London

    Part two was unbelievably moving. And not in an obvious way.

  • jakob1978

    Part 2 was as wonderful as the first.

    I’d also recommend downloading the podcast commentary from here


    The commentaries are often worth listening to, but this one is superb…it’s basically 45 minutes of David Tennant, Russell T Davies & Steven Moffat geeking out (any commentary where they start talking about their favourite Borusa’s within 2 minutes, has to be good in my book).

  • Dawn

    Was I wrong about how that turned out – other than River’s song ending (sorry about that!) How brilliant was that… Next job, downloading an image of the of the Doctor in handcuffs! (Not the first time DT has been on TV in handcuffs LOL) Thanks for the heads up on the commentary Jakob…I’ll be ready to red button it on digital. Love the RTD ones, especially with David, and with Steven too it should be a total geek fest.

  • Paul Johnson

    I demand this week’s special prescience award for my successful prediction that Dr. Song was not “long for this world.” Her injection into the virtual world was a nice touch.

    Now let’s wait and see if Donna is reunited with her “perfect man” in “Journey’s End.”

  • Message to Dave – THANK YOU!!! I’ll try not to let Headway (and you too) down in my bright yellow vest! Just off for a training run now – before settling down later to watch the repeat of last nights show…. And doesn’t next weeks look good!

  • You’re very welcome. Clicking on people’s links and committing random acts of kindness is good for the soul.

  • ultradust

    Hi. Hope you can help, I have 16 questions about this season ender and
    hope you can help answer them here:


  • MaryAnn


    Oh, dude. Join the cult. In re just a couple of your questions (even though this is totally the wrong thread to be talking about them, except I’m a such a huge DW dork I can’t help myself):

    1. Why are you resting Doctor Who for a YEAR?!

    They’re not resting the show for a year. We’ll get four DW movies in 2009 (well, Christmas 2008, plus 3 in 2009). And it’s because, all appearances to the contrary, David Tennant is, in fact, merely human, and yet contradictorily an actor who cannot be contained by human forces, so he needs to be allowed to do something else. It’s a small price to be paid to ensure that he continues as the Doctor.

    7. After Rose kisses Doctor 2, realizing that that’s the doctor she wants, why does she chase after the doctor when he disappears? Does she want to have afternoon tea with them before they leave?

    Because the clone-Doctor is not the Doctor at all, and not the Doctor she wants. She realizes that he’s just as close as she’s gonna get.

    9. Why is losing all memories of the doctor called “death of one of the children of time?”

    *sobs for all the so-called fans of limited imagination, who would never deserve to travel with the Doctor in the first place*

  • Poly in London

    MaryAnn wrote: “We’ll get four DW movies in 2009 (well, Christmas 2008, plus 3 in 2009). ”
    It’s actually five altogether, one at Christmas 2008 plus 4 in 2009. That’s a fairly recent change. All in all, it doesn’t look much of a slow down, 6 episode series is the norm for the BBC.

  • MaryAnn

    Okay, so even more DW than I thought! Yippee!

    Assuming four 90-minute movies, that’s the equivalent of 8 episodes, and we’ve only been getting 13 anyway, so it’s not so bad.

    What I worry about is that none of them will air here in the US until they’re all completed and aired in England, because American TV doesn’t like to do one-offs, which is how Sci Fi will see these — they’ll want to wait and air them all in a row. If that happens, I don’t think I’ll be able to wait to blog about them. :->

  • Poly in London

    Do you know something reliable about the duration? The latest info is that they will be one hour, although past experience shows the special episodes are longer than anything they have allocated for them.
    “If that happens, I don’t think I’ll be able to wait to blog about them.”
    You can always not-blog about them :)

  • MaryAnn

    I don’t know anything at all about the length, except that they were being called “movies,” and I’d consider a movie in general to clock in at least around 90 minutes, give or take.

  • Poly in London

    BBC (or anyone official) never called them movies, they call them specials (the same way that the Christmas episode is called Christmas special). Some fans are calling them movies but it’s misleading and they set themselves for disappointment.

    Sorry if I am bringing bad news, but on the bright side, a concert with Doctor Who music will be held in London on 27 July, oart of BBC Proms (the annual BBC celebration of classical music). A scene has been filmed exclusively for the concert (which will be shown on BBC1). So in a couple of weeks will have a new 5-10 minutes scene, much like Timecrash or the post-regeneration scene shown in Children in Need three years ago.

  • MaryAnn

    Well, then I’m wrong about the overall quantity of DW we’ll be getting next year. :-( Thanks for setting me straight.

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