is up and running

Ooo, didja see that “crossposted at” business at the end of this post? Been meaning to tell ya all week: is up and running.

What does that mean? Well, for one thing, it means my long-neglected blog Geek Philosophy is no more… though all the postings from there can be found at — just go to the archive pages and scroll all the way down to the “categories” listing, and there you’ll find them. (They’re also there in the listings by date.)
I’ll still be posting Geek Philosophy-esque stuff at the new blog, but I’d like to think that will be Geek Philosophy-plus. It’s a place to post whatever strikes my interest on any given day — I’m always coming across stuff like that during my daily surfing, and never had a place to put it before. I’m thinking of as my home as a writer — not just as a film and TV critic — and I imagine it as a kind of scratchpad of ideas for things that strike my fancy, things I might want to write about someday (other than movie- and TV-related stuff, of course — that will continue to appear here at And so, over the longer term, it should become a glimpse into, you know, what makes me tick. I have no idea whether that will be of interest to anyone but me, but if nothing else, I’ll have a deep well of ideas to draw from should I ever run out of ideas. Which seems unlikely to happen, but you never know.

Also: there’s a résumé and my screenplays there, and eventually I’ll add a portfolio of other tedious writing I’ve done, like direct mail and catalog copy and such.

In my wildest dreams, will be akin to John Scalzi’s Whatever (which, if you aren’t reading, you should be). Because even though I hate John, I love him, and am deeply envious of what he’s got in the Whatever. Which is also why I felt I had to give a cutesy subtitle: it’s currently “My Own Private I Dunno,” but I deliberately set up the design so that I can change that on a whim, and I just might do that someday. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what transpires.

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