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Russell Crowe as George Carlin?

Holy crap, Keith Olbermann just ran this little bumper promoting his upcoming story on the death of George Carlin, featuring some old footage of Carlin when he had to be in his 40s, maybe, and I swear to God, I thought he was Russell Crowe. Look:

The biopic is inevitable… and how awesome would Crowe be in the role?

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  • Russell Crowe is a lot of things. Most especially: a badass. But funny? That’s a bit of a reach. There’s loads of heart beneath Carlin’s cynicism, and I don’t know if Russell’s trademark scowl can get the job done. Plus, a Carlin biopic? Something tells me he’d hate the idea. A lot.

    I’d rather see a nice set of Blu-Rays of all his HBO specials; watch them back to back every June 22nd.

    Bleh, another of my childhood idols gone.

  • MaryAnn

    Crowe doesn’t always scowl. You wanna see him do “heart,” see *The Sum of Us.*

  • I’ll check it out.

    Also, looks like I’m getting my wish: HBO is running a marathon of his specials.

  • shoop

    “how awesome would Crowe be in the role?”

    Well, short answer–not a bit. Nope. Longer answer: Crowe’s a competent actor who 1) takes himself much too seriously, 2) is constitutionally unable to be funny, and 3) would probably throw a phone at you for even suggesting that he take a role so obviously beneath him.

    HOWEVER, it might be worth the price of admission to see Crowe as Carlin as Mr. Conductor in the part of the story that touches on his stint on “Shining Time Station.”

  • MaryAnn

    In what way would portaying one of the great comedians of the 20th century be “beneath” any actor? Or Crowe in particular?

  • Hdj

    Alot of times I agree with you Maryann but this time, I dunno I really cant see it, other then similar hair dews ,I cant see Crowe playing George Carlin. Or anyone playing Carlin.
    Crowe is a jock he’s built like a barrel, and Carlin was kinda skinny and goofy.
    huge difference

  • Anne-Kari

    Actually, I think Crowe could pull it off, and in the process surprise a lot of people. But he would certainly have to work on his comic timing. Luckily he would be learning from one of the best – Carlin himself, via the vast library of his work.

    The biggest obstacle to any actor taking on this kind of role will be the obvious – Carlin was utterly original, and many fans are on board with what Hdj was saying; basically, that there is no one who can play Carlin.

  • shoop

    Carlin’s acerbic, angry, and sometimes gross observations will be missed, of course. But for some of us, his greatest legacy lies here…


  • Jigsy Q.

    Anyone remember the old MST3K concept of “Deep Hurting”? Well This movie would qualify.

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