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a few ‘Doctor Who’ headlines

• Russell Davies doesn’t like the obsessive core of Doctor Who fandom that consists of “mostly men who like to complain” — he calls them “mosquitoes.” But he recognizes that they’re a tiny minority.

• Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy thinks Eddie Izzard would be an awesome Doctor. I agree. And in the spec Doctor Who script I’m writing, there’s a part for Izzard (though not as the Doctor).

• The Sci Fi Channel will not edit the season finale, “Journey’s End” (which we’re talking about here) — it will be shown as a 90-minute bonanza.

• The first image of David Tennant as physicist Arthur Eddington in the upcoming BBC project Einstein and Eddington — costarring Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings’ Gollum) as Einstein — has him looking very Harry Potter-ish. As I mentioned in comments just today, I’ve been seeing a striking resemblance between Tennant and Daniel Radcliffe recently, and expressed a desire to see them together onscreen, perhaps as father and son. And then Mimi replied: “Wouldn’t it be great for Tennant to play grown-up Harry Potter at the very end of the last HP movie?” To which I say, Oh my god, yes.

UPDATE: Here’s the photo of Radcliffe mentioned in comments:

(news via Kopic’s Doctor Who and Torchwood News, Totally Tennant, and Blogtor Who)

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  • “Wouldn’t it be great for Tennant to play grown-up Harry Potter at the very end of the last HP movie?”

    Too bad he’s already played a Harry Potter role–otherwise he’d be perfect!

  • MaryAnn

    But that’s part of Tennant’s genius: he looks different in every role. His grown-up Harry wouldn’t look much like Barty Crouch Jr at all.

  • MaryAnn,

    I totally agree with you. But will HP’s producers?

  • I can’t wait for the Doctor Who season finale. I was watching it more on Youtube than on sci-fi channel though. Tennant would be a great father to Harry Potter and if I was in casting, I’d make that decision very quickly.

  • Weimlady

    For comparison’s sake, here’s a photo of Daniel Radcliffe in similar specs for the WWI drama My Boy Jack:

    [link deleted; it wasn’t working — I’ll add the photo as an update to this post–maj]

    Sorry about the long link, I would Tiny URL it but I’m at work and it’s not an option.

    Yeah, a father/son thing–or even brothers, given how young David can play–would work for me. And hearts would throb!

  • angel

    Eddie Izzard as the Doctor? Yes, I say! But only if Bill Nighy can’t do it.

    And only if we have SEVERAL more years of Tennant!

  • I’m trying to remember who coined the term “Fandimentalism” for that sort of fan. Dead on though.

  • MaryAnn



  • There is some resemblance between the two, but that photo of radcliffe struck me to be somewhat Hittler-ish.

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