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check out the AWFJ superhero poll

Speaking of Hancock, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, of which I am a member, has just conducted a poll of its members regarding superhero movies and what women do (or don’t) see in them. The poll results are here — I wrote the introduction — and it’s open for comments.

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  • JSW

    Even Bruce “Incredible Hulk” Banner is a human struggling with a terrible affliction. Why, he’d even make a fetching protagonist in a weepy disease-of-the-week TV flick.

    Okay, now I really want to see a Hulk/House crossover.

  • t6

    Wow…a lot of those people polled don’t seem to have regard for the superhero genre nor its fans.

    I’ll stick with reading MAJ.

  • MaryAnn

    Yes, it’s true that I appear to be in a minority of one with my fellow members of the AWFJ in my regard not just for the recent superhero movies but with the concept of superheroes in the first place.

    In the sorta-defense of my fellow members, I think it’s a generational thing. Most of them are quite a bit older than me.

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