my week at the movies: ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army,’ ‘Man on Wire,’ ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth,’ ‘Harold’

I loved the first Hellboy, cuz it was so crazy mad insane, in a good way. So I’m a little bit psyched for Hellboy II: The Golden Army [opens wide July 11]. When I was at Comic Con in New York in the spring, it seemed like this was the movie that prompted the biggest geekgasms among the crowd. Could this be the biggest movie of the summer? After seeing the miracle of Wall-E, it’s hard to see how… but we’ll see.

In 1974, some French dude strung a high wire between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and took a stroll between them. Man on Wire [opens limited Juy 25] is his story, told in documentary form. As a New Yorker post 9/11, I anticipate a strange and poignant mix of appreciation for New Yorker-style audacity and sorrow for the loss of a couple of ugly buildings made beautiful by hindsight and grief. *sob*

Speaking of geekiness… This is what it means to be a girl geek: I love dinosaurs, and I love Brendan Fraser. So can it be anything other than pure girl-geek bliss to sit through Journey to the Center of the Earth [opens wide July 11]? I think not. And I’ll know this week. Oh, and it’s in 3-D, too. Someone get me a cold cloth to put on my forehead.

Harold [opens limited July 11] is from a Saturday Night Live guy — which is not a good sign these days — and it’s about a teen with extremely early onset male-pattern baldness. Plus, it stars Spencer Breslin, and since I consider it bad form to excessively criticize child stars, I can’t say much about what I think of him. So I’ll just say that I’m not holding my breath for this one.

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