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RIP Don S. Davis, 1942-2008

Oh no! Actor Don S. Davis, probably best known for his role as General Hammond on Stargate SG-1, died Sunday morning. GateWorld has all the details, and a tribute.

I saw Davis in person only once, at I-Con a few years ago. He seemed to a generous man who appreciated how lucky he’d been in his creative life, and of the legacy his roles on Stargate and Twin Peaks would leave him with.

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  • He wasn’t the greatest actor and never would have been the lead in anything, but Don S. Davis was definitely rock solid as a supporting character actor, one of those steady guys that you’d see on TV and go “oh, yeah, he’s pretty good”. I’m sorry to hear of his passing.

    RIP, Don.

  • PaulW

    First time I saw him was as the military officer from Twin Peaks. As an X-Phile I more warmly remember him as Scully’s father… Sad news indeed.

  • MaryAnn

    Sure, Davis had a niche, but he inhabited that niche well. That’s more than can be said for many other people who get paid to act.

  • Shadowen

    I wonder if there’ll be any scramble to rewrite the upcoming Stargate Continuum to, for lack of a better term, retire and pay tribute to the character of General Hammond now that the actor’s gone.

  • boz

    @Shadowen, nope. He’s in active duty.

  • Jan Willem

    I’ve never watched Stargate, but I immensely enjoyed Don Davis’ turn as major Garland Briggs in Twin Peaks. He was engaged in some hush-hush space monitoring programme about which he could only drop mere hints to Dale Cooper, whom he recognized as a kindred spirit in the sense of keeping an open mind about inexplicable events in the cosmos. Briggs’ deadpan interaction with his hyperenergetic rebel teenage son Bobby (Dana Ashbrook – where did he go?) was also a sight to behold and cracked me up many times. Don Davis was a good guy. I’m sorry to hear he’s gone.

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