Steven Moffat tells Spielberg to take a hike

UPDATED: In the interest of fairness and such, here’s a link to a BBC News story in which Moffat clarifies some of the earlier news. Though, honestly, the only genuine correction is that it’s Tintin collaborator Peter Jackson, not Steven Spielberg, who’s a big fan of Doctor Who, which is less surprising, seeing as how Jackson is a Kiwi and Spielberg merely American (and too old to really be a DW fan anyway).

Oh man, this would have been a toughie for me: the chance to work with Steven Spielberg, or on Doctor Who?

No, I’m kidding. Even though it was a Spielberg movie — Raiders of the Lost Ark — that made me fall in love with movies in the first place. Doctor Who would win out in an instant. I wouldn’t even have to think about it.

From Saturday’s Daily Mail:

The new man in charge of Doctor Who turned down a £500,000 movie deal with Steven Spielberg so he could take the job.

Bafta-winning scriptwriter Steven Moffat has quit a two-picture deal with the director and Lord Of The Rings film-maker Peter Jackson to fulfil a ‘childhood dream’ of working on the BBC sci-fi drama.

‘There are no bad feelings between Spielberg and me, [says Moffat] but Doctor Who has to come before Hollywood.’

‘I could not work on the second Tintin film and work on Doctor Who. So I chose Doctor Who.

‘Steven is a fan and he understood my passion for the series completely.’

Actually, the news that Spielberg is a fan of Doctor Who — assuming it’s actually true — is a bit of a scoop.

Best bit in the article?

One Hollywood insider said: ‘No one walks away from Spielberg and all that money for a show no one has heard of. I mean, what is this doctor show about? It sounds a little silly.’


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