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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson


On the weekend of the biggest movie opening ever, my Web host’s network provider was coming under a DDoS attack.

That’s why the site was down both this morning and again for a few hours this evening.

They tell me it’s all fixed and better now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. And I’m not thinking about what kind of traffic I lost. Not thinking about it at all.

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  • Huh. I never saw any problems, myself.

    People who hack networks, people who write spyware and viruses, and people who steal identities should be thrown in a deep, dark hole and never allowed to come out until their minds are too feeble from old age for them to screw up other people’s lives any more.

  • JoshB

    Forgive my total ignorance, I’ve never maintained a website. Is there a particular reason why you need traffic?

  • JoshB

    Oh, duh. Don’t answer that. I use an adblocker, didn’t even realize that you had ads on the site.

    I can probably remove the adblock for this site, but I’d be happier to donate via paypal or something. I hate ads.

  • MaryAnn

    I promise you all that the day I win the lottery, inherit a fortune, or marry a millionaire, I’ll remove all the ads from this site.

    I wonder what my ad revenue would be like if no one was using adblockers. I hate ads too, but I also don’t expect to get something for nothing.

  • JoshB

    Nor do I, hence the paypal offer.

    Anyhoo, I unblocked, so now I know that zoompanel is offering free DVDs for taking surveys :P

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