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a very little bit of David Tennant: ‘Jude’

It’s only one tiny scene in the 1996 film Jude, but it’s kinda notable, in a totally nerdy way, because in it, David Tennant gets to taunt Christopher Eccleston (that is, Doctor No. 9):

This is about the best shot I could get with both actors in it, because director Michael Winterbottom has to be so damn arty about his films (disclaimer: Winterbottom is one of my favorite directors, so I kid out of love).
The context is: Eccleston is a poor workingman of no notable family who wants to study at university, but he’s just been turned down because, you know, he’s nobody, and worse, he’s a nobody labourer (with a u). So while he’s drowning his sorrows he insists to a pal that yes he sure can recite some bit of nonsense or other in Latin, just like a university man would be able to do. And Tennant’s obnoxious university student overhears that and invites him to stand before all the pub and do so. Which he does.

That’s it. Tennant’s got one line. As always, though, he looks marvehlous, dahling:

Not suitable for:

• anyone who doesn’t want to sit through the rest of Jude, which is freakin’ depressing as hell, lemme tell ya…

David Tennant checklist:

• Scottish accent: yes
• big hair: no
• nudity: no
• sex: no
• insufferable twitness: yes
• alcohol: yes
• evil twitching: no
• manic grinning: no

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[part of my “summer of David Tennant and ‘Hamlet’” series]

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  • Paul Hayes

    Yes, really not one to watch if you’re feeling down about life!

    He hasn’t aged much, has he?

  • MaryAnn

    He has, though. Not in a bad way. His face is a bit fuller, even though he’s just as thin as ever, and he’s got lots of laugh lines that he didn’t have here. He’s one of those men whose sort of grown into his face as he’s gotten older.

  • Barb Gorczyca

    I think he’s just gotten more handsome these past dozen years. Swoon…

  • melissa

    I vaguely remember this scene… it’s weird how later you can re-watch a movie and be like, “hey! that person is totally famous now!”

    I do remember this movie made me want to kill myself. God.. so depressing.

  • Ryan H

    At what point does FlickFilosopher get renamed to the TennantTracker?

    I kid, I love his stuff so much :)

  • MaSch

    In Germany, this movie was called “Herzen in Aufruhr” (hearts in turmoil). I did not see it so I don’t know if its content would have made me want to kill myself. The way movies get retitled in Germany, as in this case, sometimes does.

  • MaryAnn

    “Hearts in Turmoil” is pretty mild for what happens in this movie.

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