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David Tennant as the Riddler?

As noted by Weimlady in comments, the site IO9 has posted renditions of movie posters by Australian artist Josh McMahon for a hypothetical third Christopher Nolan Batman movie. The hypotheticals? The “movie” stars Marion Cotillard as Catwoman, Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn, and David Tennant as the Riddler.

Of course I can’t resist swiping the Tennant poster to post here:

Click over to IO9 to see the Catwoman and Harley Quinn posters.

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  • JSW

    I know they’re going for a more realistic style but the Riddler needs a question mark lapel pin at the very least.

  • Pretty cool.

    But I would rather see Audrey Tautou as Catwoman, not Marion Cotillard.

    And I worry a bit about using too many established characters for the first time in a sequel movie… The Dark Knight basically had two (Joker and Two-Face), so three seems a little Schumacheresque to me.

  • PaulW

    Bringing in Harley without the Joker would be like bringing in Speedy without Ollie Queen. The writers would be too tempted to make her a femme version of the Joker, but would end up rehashing all the junk we’ve already had in DK. The only way to have Harley in this is to team her with Poison Ivy…

    And I’m sorry, but who was that in the Catwoman outfit?! With a chin bigger than mine?!

    That proposed Gotham City movie is also going to violate a key rule of comic book films: Don’t crowd the screen with too many archenemies!! You can get away with at most two… three and you’ve got too many egos chewing too little scenery. And the villains need to have a reason to co-exist in the same story… tossing the Riddler in with Harley and Selina makes no sense… maybe a Riddler/Catwoman mix could work…

  • Elle

    I think those posters are really well made, but the pinstripes just make me wonder why the Doctor is wearing a hat.

    I’ve also seen a great poster to explain why the Riddler might turn up in the next movie.

    I know it’s all fan hype, but it would be awesome if the Riddler thing was true.

  • Alison

    They post some great stuff. Did you see the story about John Barrowman’s idea for a new ‘Torchwood’ product line?

  • Der Bruno Stroszek

    Elle, that teaser poster mockup is so damn good it’s getting me excited for a movie that may not even be produced. (By which I mean Nolan might not decide to go with the Riddler – it’s pretty much a given after its box-office take that there will be another Batman film)

    But seriously, if that thing was real, I’d be psyched.

  • Elle

    Yeah, Bruno, it did that to me, too. Now I feel that whatever the next movie comes up with (and you know there’ll be a next movie), it won’t be as awesome as that fake poster lead me to believe.

    Also, it won’t have Barbara Gordon in it. Dammit.

  • Weimlady

    Here‘s another artist’s conception of our favorite candidate for Riddler. A little freaky, but offered for your consideration.

  • Weimlady

    Sorry, guess I should have given you the link to the article and not just the picture.

  • John Nathan-Turner

    That would be typical wouldn’t it? Tennant thankfully avoids the question marks as The Doctor only to be smothered in them as the Riddler.

    It’s almost worth wishing it would happen for that very reason.

    Or they could cast a whining whippet who can’t do convincing anger.

  • mr.evil

    oh my god, david tennant and marion cotillard! cutest guy and cutest woman! if i’d be bisexual, i’d propably die watching this “movie”!

    anyway, david tennant would be… ummm… mind-numbingly awesome, to say a least! he’s perfectly suited for playing crazy characters, and while The Doctor is crazy-but-good, i’m absolutely sure david could play character that is both crazy and evil. and he would be really CHARMING bad guy, don’t you think?
    anyway, watching david as the doctor is closest i’ve ever had to having crush on man.

    marion… uhmmm, marion… that’s another crush! in fact, she’s on top of the list of ‘actresses that should be my girlfriends’ and since i’ve seen la vie en rose, i consider her an amazing talent, but i don’t see her in that role at all. even if i terribly want to see her on one screen with mr. tennant!

  • MaryAnn

    he would be really CHARMING bad guy, don’t you think?

    Check out *Secret Smile* (my review is here).

  • Damn. Maybe he should have been the Joker all along!

  • nicola

    hey does anyone know when this move comes or came out?

  • MaryAnn

    It’s not a real movie, Nicola — it’s merely fannish speculation on where a hypothetical third Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman movie might go.

  • Chris

    “posted by Weimlady (Mon Sep 01 08, 3:59PM)

    Damn. Maybe he should have been the Joker all along!”

    Personally, I think the previous Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, would make a perfect Joker.

    I do like the idea of David Tennant as the Riddler, and he looks great in that poster!

  • Ilona

    Personally I think that Harley Quinn should be played by Shawn Johnson or Nastia Lukin, seeing to it that the gymnasts would make a bit more realistic, and they could also most of their onw stunts. I also think that Halle Berry portrayed Catwoman very well and that they should keep her in the role, at least to have some familiar faces to not make it seem so foreign if u get what i mean

  • Newfie

    I think David Tennant would make a perfectly AWESOME Riddler, he had the maniac acting pretty much down pat, he is certainly skinny enough for the role (Depp is way too buff) and he is overall a brilliant actor. I think this would also grab the attention of the UK public as Tennant is so BIG over there.

  • Chris

    First off, I doubt Nolan makes another movie. He has said that he never planed for three movies and lets face it following the last movie is going to be near impossible.

    Now if the third movie is made, everyone here is fooling themselves to think that David Tennant would have anywhere near the popularity to be entrusted with the role. Ledger and Neeson’s popularity in film is way higher than Tennant’s has ever been, especially since he is virtually unknown in America unless the really remember the person who played Barty Crouch in the Goblet of Fire. It wont happen when possible 1 billion is potentially on the line.

    The only lot of the group who would have a chance would be Kristen Bell, primarly because FSM did so well and if she is playing Harley Quinn she is obviously a secondary villian to someone else.

  • MaryAnn

    Now if the third movie is made, everyone here is fooling themselves to think that David Tennant would have anywhere near the popularity to be entrusted with the role.

    Oh, I suspect that Tennant is on course for the kind of popularity worldwide that he is currently enjoying in the U.K… if he plays it right. I also suspect that Hollywood studios are clamoring to sign him up for projects now, before he becomes a global superstar. I imagine he’s got his pick of prime projects right now, because Hollywood thinks they’ll be able to to use him to their benefit. They won’t succeed in that, because Hollywood will try to take everything that makes him special and mold all the personality out of him. But if there’s a farsighted producer on the job and Tennant is getting good advice and/or has good instincts himself, then a role like the Riddler would be *perfect* for introducing him to global movie audiences.

  • Chris

    I would see it more likely that he end up in a Watchmen, or maybe an Avengers movie, something where he doesnt have to be the primary focus. I’m not doubting Tennant abilities, I’m doubting Warner Brothers entrusting him with there billion dollar franchise. They took a risk on Arnold and it killed the whole series before. The other casting of villians throught the years has always been highly praised popular actors. Neeson, Ledger, Nicholson, Pheifer, DeVito, Carey, and Jones. Each of those actors has either been in a big earning movie or have been nominated for multiple awards. If I had to take a guess for who would be cast as the Riddler if the movie was given a go today it would be Johnny Depp who looks the part, has a huge box office draw and is a great actor in his prime.

  • MaryAnn

    They didn’t think they were taking a risk on Arnold: he was already a HUGE star. That was an excellent example of Hollywood NOT thinking, not an example of Hollywood risk-taking.

    The thing about Tennant is that, in Hollywood, he’ll be a character actor, not a leading man. He’s leading-man material in the U.K., where they like quirky and offbeat (which is really only quirkly and offbeat compared to Hollywood), but in Hollywood leading men tend to be bland and characterless. There’s no point in using Tennant if you’re not going to take advantage of his unique personality and charisma… and, frankly, he’s simply not handsome enough, in the conventional (and boring!) sense, to be a Hollywood leading man.

    If I were advising Tennant, I’d probably tell him to steer clear of studio films altogether. If he’s desperate to work in the States, I’d guide him toward indie films or a cable series that would let him be *him,* and not try to mold him into something he’s not.

  • Chris Bragan

    The fact that Doctor Who is so popular not only over there, but many people in the United States love the series too, is good enough to use him. Remember the key factors of a movie: Advertising, acting, and the feeling the movie gives you. The actors are the only ones who can do give you the feeling. Take Doctor Who for instance, unless you are just dull and mindless, Tennant makes you feel like you’re right there and it’s happening around you. Which makes it personal. As the riddler, Cary did a fantastic job, but if you veere too far off from the original character, it will fail. So, the fact that Depp is more famous than Tennant means nothing. A movie’s best chance is word of mouth, someone see’s an actor they like, BAM, they will want their friends to see it. And Tennant has the charisma to entice ANYONE to the movie. Lastly, if you take Ledger for instance, who would have guessed him? Look at his previous movies, nowhere even close to a part like the Joker, yet it was a chance well taken.

  • Ameer Ally

    I’d rather see David Tennant as the Riddler than Johnny Depp to be honest.

    I really liked the Tennant’s Doctor Who and his somewhat small part in Harry Potter.

    If Johnny Depp does it, then the Riddler will be Johnny Depp,

    but if Tennant does it, then the Tennant will be the Riddler…

  • Jokergirl

    David Tennant will be a perfect playing the Riddler
    shame the poaster not real but I want David play this role becasue he will be brilliant and if your not sure watch Harry potter and goblet of fire and secret smile to prove he can play the riddler

  • Hank Graham

    What a gyp!

    When I read the line above, “Click over to IO9 to see the Catwoman and Harley Quinn posters,” I thought they would have Tennant as Catwoman and Harley Quinn.

    Now, obviously, I hadn’t read the stuff around the picture very carefully ( or at all), but honestly, don’t you think it would have been more interesting to have Tennant as Harley Quinn? Catwoman I’m not sure about.

  • Montana

    DAVID TENNANT AS THE RIDDLER!!!!! I think I found the most hottest bad guy in all movies!!!! He would be so awesome….

  • james

    Think about this, if Johnny Depp does it, hopefully Tim Burton will Direct or Produce it. Since they love each other and have been in many many films together.
    AND while your at it, you could have Helena Bonham Carter play Harley Quinn, as for Catwoman, I am yet to have an opinion on an actress.

    A Nolan and Burton colab would be great, not that that would happen.

    And since the argument is all on David Tennant at the moment, I love the guy and I love doctor who, but I dont want to see him as the riddler im sorry, and im about 90% sure he will not be cast as the riddler.

    If they cast Jim Carrey again that would be interesting, he can hold down a more serious role now.

  • Shawn Johnson or Nastia Lukin: if Lukin can act, definitely as HQ. Unfortunately, I’ve seen Johnson on stage, so know for a fact that she can’t act. She’s sweet, personable, and talented, but not an actress.

    Not to diss Kristen Bell; I’d just rather see her as Batgirl. It fits my typecast image of her.

    I think some of you are underestimating Depp’s range, but I’d go see either him or Tennet as the Riddler. Or Chris Rock, for that matter. He might have to tone it down a little for the roll.

  • frozenthrone101

    If Tennant did play the Riddler , remember from his experience from doctor who , he would be suitible for the role , as he has experience of playing an intelligent character
    On the other hand Dept did use a lot of riddles and phrases you would here the riddler use
    As somebody mentioned above , yes , a change to Harleys costume will make her out of place , and as well with the riddler , i thought the jim carrey suit was a bit comical if anything , Catwoman would not work so well as a villian , should be a competitive ally with batman ,
    I think harley and Riddler paired would be enough , as 3 villians makes the story jump out of course , the writer will have to make stuff up to blend them in , because in the 2 previous films the 2 spotlight villians have being working together (Scarecrow +Ras’Al’Gul /Joker +Two face
    But it looks a good film nonetheless
    -The Teenage film critic-

  • Tubby Wilson

    If David Tennant were to become The Riddler, then I think I would go against Batman in this film.

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