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dream cast: hypothetical ‘Simon & Simon’ movie

We tried this last week, and it was a lot of fun, so I’m continuing to test this as a regular Thursday feature. We take a book to adapt to TV or film — or a movie or TV show to remake — and we recast it with actors working today.

It’s another great 80s show this time: Simon & Simon, the 1981-8 CBS dramedy detective series about two brothers, Rick and A.J., who run a PI agency in San Diego.

Gerald McRaney played Rick, the older brother: he’s an ex-Marine Vietnam vet and a bit rough-and-tumble; he drives a pickup truck, wears a cowboy hat, and is generally the life of the party. Jameson Parker was A.J., who is smoother and more sophisticated, likes books and wine, dresses fashionably, and drives a Camaro. Mary Carver played their mother, Cecilia, who was pretty spunky and got into plenty of trouble of her own. And Tim Reid played Downtown Brown, a police detective who sometimes threw work the boys’ way, and sometimes helped them out on cases.
I have two dream casts — one if a movie stuck with the series’ dramedy spin, and one if it went more goofy.

Dramedy dream cast:

Rick: Josh Lucas
A.J.: Matthew Fox
Cecilia: Judi Dench
Downtown Brown: Don Cheadle

Goofy dream cast:

Rick: Luke Wilson
A.J.: Owen Wilson
Cecilia: Christine Baranski
Downtown Brown: Chris Rock

Who would you cast? Have fun!

This one had a catchy theme, too (though one without lyrics to get stuck in your head all day):

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