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FlickFilosopher on your iPhone

Apparently some folks are reading my stuff on their iPhones, and further apparently, it’s possible for sites to offer custom icons — like a favicon for the iPhone. So I made one, and here it is in action on the iPhone of reader Clayj, who alerted me to this important new opportunity to promote myself:

As I told Clayj, the icon is temporary. I’m gonna be overhauling the site design soon — my idea at the moment is that it will revolve more around the stoplight theme. And I’ll change the iPhone icon at that point, of course.

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  • Cool! I don’t really have any need for a dedicated FF icon on my iPhone, but now it’s all tempting. Maybe I’ll just add it to check it out, and then remove it later…

    Hey, Clay Johnason, is that the brother you’ve mentioned then? Four pages of icons on that iPhone screenshot, that makes me feel a little better about my three pages, at least. Heh.

  • shiney!

  • MaryAnn

    No, Clay is not a relation of mine, or if he is, it’s so distant that neither of us are aware of a connection.

    Neither of my brothers has an iPhone. :-> Nor do I.

  • Huh, funny coincidence then!

    Ah, you do have a Macbook, though. So you’re up on me there. I love the hell out of my old 3rd Gen iPod, and the iPhone is absolutely superbly designed. I’m a bit of a user-interface aficionado. I love it when something is designed smartly, with a real eye to how people will use it. And on the flip-side, it enrages me when something is just thrown together with no consideration for how people will use it.

    I scoffed at Apple when they said they thought the halo effect would bring iPod users over to Macs (even though I had and loved my iPod), but damned if they haven’t won me over. I love my iPhone, and I’ve been calling it my second girlfriend (which my first girlfriend doesn’t really appreciate, but oh well. She’s still my first girlfriend). Macs are still expensive, though, so I might go the Hackintosh (http://lifehacker.com/software/hack-attack/build-a-hackintosh-mac-for-under-800-321913.php) route.

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